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What should the factors pay attention to when chooses a plastic tarpaulin?

Issue Time:2016-10-18

With theincreasing demand for plastic tarpaulin, now, more and more customers began toengage in the production and sales of plastic tarpaulin in our market. In this case,there are excellent manufacturers, but also there have been some bad business.So what should we pay attention to when choosing the product? Let’s follow theeditor to look at it.

A: First of all,check the latitude and longitude of the tarp product. The denser, the betterquality of the product is.

B: Carefully checkits waterproof; you can try to shower the surface of the product with a smallamount of water. If the tarp is not wet by water, it shows that its quality isgood.

C: Secondly, wealso need to pay attention to the roughness of the product surface. You canfeel the roughness and softness of the product by your hand.


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