How to effectively remove the smell of tarpaulin products

Issue Time:2016-10-18

When we use the tarpaulinproducts, we should also have encountered such a situation. Due to the wrong locationor the wet tarpaulin, the product will be moldy. At this time, there willappear the terriable smell of tarpaulin products. So, what methods can be usedto effectively remove the smell of the product?

If we want to removethe smell, we should first find out the reasons. Generally, the mold grows up ina relatively humid place and will be of mass reproduction in a humidenvironment. So we do not put it in a wet environment. Secondly, we can alsouse soapy water, sponge to wipe the tarpaulin. Sponge glue on the hot water,cleaning agent can wipe the tent clean. As well as the use of salt, lemonjuice, gallons of water mixing, then knead to poke in dry mildew can alsoremove odor, mildew.

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