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What is pvc tarpaulin

Issue Time:2016-11-22

I. Introduction

     PVC tarpaulin is a high-strength polyester canvas as the base fabric, coated with PVC (PVC) paste resin with the accelerating agent (synthetic plant esters), mold agents, anti-aging agent, antistatic agents and other Chemical additives, the high temperature plasticization. Anti-static, anti-static and other properties; and breaking strength, tear elongation, tear strength much better than the traditional tarpaulin. The use of a wide range of use of strength, color, and its special treatment from the surface of anti-skid effect, is the international popular waterproof cloth, and the width of large, up to 2 meters wide, available heat stitching, Hole leakage of worry, is a modern tarp market mainstream products.

Second, the characteristics
  1. Long service life, strong tensile strength
  2. No water seepage, no water leakage.
  3. Ability to low temperature, cold temperature of -20 ℃;
  4. Has a certain degree of mildew effect.

Third, product use
1. Can be used trucks, trains, ships cargo tarp;
2. Can be used for stations, docks, harbors, airports and other open-air warehouse yard cover;
3. Can be built temporary grain and all kinds of crops and household groceries outdoor cover;
4. Can be used as construction site electric power construction site and other sites to build temporary sheds, temporary warehouse materials;
5. Can be used for processing camping tents and various machinery and equipment outside the jacket.

Fourth, the use of attention points

   PVC tarpaulin in the course of the use should be avoided on the ground drag, but also should avoid sharp metal or sharpener mouth impact, tear; product damage if used, you can clean up the damaged place, wipe with alcohol again after the cloth head and Damaged Department are coated with Wan Nengjiao (100 in the plastic, sticky, etc.), three minutes after the paste can be affixed to the phase.
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