Top 6 Features Of Tarpaulin

Issue Time:2016-12-06

Top 6 Features Of Tarpaulin

Tarpaulins or tarp is usually a plastic sheet with material made up of polyethylene or urethane coated canvas or polyester. It is used for a variety of purposes such as on structures during construction to protect against water and leaks. It is also used in leisure for camping, in sports as a field tarp to cover the sports field, in agriculture as cover over greenhouses and also serves hygiene purpose as it is used for making insect nets. It is also used to cover your vehicles and motorcycles.


The major purpose tarpaulin serves is that of humanitarian use. Tarpaulins are used as temporary shelters and refugee camps are made out of it to provide comfort and safety to refugees in cases of disasters. Following are the six features that make them popular:

  • Strong:

The strength of a tarpaulin refugee tent can be checked by it’s thickness, weight (in grams per square meter) and weave/mesh count. The thicker the tarpaulin, the more robust it is. The more the weight, and the more the number of threads per inch, the stronger it is.

  • Flexible:

It has great tensile strength which means it won’t easily get torn when you apply force on it. There are different materials out of which tarps are made. These comprise of polyethylene, canvas, vinyl and silnylon. What is common in between them is their higher tear strength.

The tensile strength and stretch-ability of tarpaulin lets you store it any way you want because it can then be rolled and folded with ease. Moreover, you can use it as a cover like a tent and it can also be used as a groundsheet.

  • Water Resistant:

This is one property which makes it more in demand when it comes to need of temporary refugee shelter. The water doesn’t seep through and it won’t leak through a refugee tent made u of tarpaulin. If it rains, you can remain dry under the tarpaulin tent.

  • Comfortable:

Best tarpaulin manufacturers make sure that the tent is easy to install so as to provide a quick private space that is dry and cosy. Refugee families can take temporary shelter under the refugee tents so as to be safe from weather and harassment.

  • Easy to Transport:

Tarpaulin is a versatile package that is easy to pack away. It can be easily transported from one place to another due to it’s light weight. People can easily hang the tarpaulin tents with them while hiking towards camping sites.

  • Affordable:

Tarpaulin manufacturers make inexpensive modern tarpaulins that are made from woven polyethylene. No matter whether it is made up of polyethylene or canvas or vinyl and no matter what purpose you want to buy it for, it is cheap.

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