The difference of PE and PVC between waterproof tarpaulin and tarpaulin

Issue Time:2017-02-10

PE (TARP): sunscreen, waterproof. Antifreeze, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, light,easy to fold, we compared to PVC PE tarpaulin, tarpaulin cheaper. Suitable for freight yard and waterproof, use fixed number of year will be much shorter


PVC (TARP) features: high strength polyester waterproof cloth is coated with high strength polyester canvas base cloth and coated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin-with increasing agent, anti mildew agent, anti ageist agent, anti static agent and so on many kinds of chemical additives, high-temperature plasticizing and. With a waterproof,mildew resistant, cold resistant, anti-aging, anti-static performance; and the product breaking strength, tearing elongation, tear strength is much better than that of traditional tarpaulin; product appearance blew, very be good to hear or see.


Product characteristics and performance index:

Tensile strength of 1 indexes: 1600N/5CM to the strength of more than or equal to2100N/5CM, the strength of more than or equal to 2 Water Leakage weft; no seepage,water pressure resistance value is more than 2000MM of water; 3 ability to low temperature, cold temperature is -20 DEG C; 4 to mildew, mildew experiments for a class.


The purpose of the product:

1.can be used for automobile, train, ship freight tarpaulin; 2 for station pier Harbor Airport open warehouses covering; 3 can build makeshift barn and various crops open covering; 4 for construction site construction site construction site to build all kinds of power such as temporary work shed, the temporary warehouse materials; 5 can be processed for camping with the tent and all kinds of machinery and equipment sheath

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