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The Importance of Heavy Duty Tarpaulins

Issue Time:2017-02-10

It is really amazing how much of an impacta simple item such as a tarp can have on our world. In recent years heavy dutytarpaulins have become in great demand, so much in fact, that many suppliershave begin to actually experience shortages.


In 2010 the horrific earthquake in Haiticreated a high demand of heavy duty tarpaulins. And when someone suggested that an affordable alternative for temporaryshelter may be the heavy duty tarp, businesses and people from all over theworld responded with their donations, which were much welcomed.


The same occurred again in Pakistan withthe widespread flooding that occurred there. The devastation was incredible.However, The Royal Air Force of England took lead, flying over hundreds oftarpaulins that had been sewn into makeshift tents. The heavy duty tarpaulinswere in high demand and provided much needed shelter and relief from the rainwhen they had no other hope for a shelter.


An organization known as PAWS (Pets areWorth Saving) has been providing shelter for dogs while seeking to find fosterhomes and permanent owners for the animals. One of the most essential items forgetting their facility ready for the cold weather are .The heavy duty poly tarpaulins are very cost efficient because they are notonly inexpensive, but they will last for a long time when well taken care of.

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