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Waterproof canvas tarp Properties and Uses

Issue Time:2017-02-16

waterproof canvas tarp products with high strength and good waterproof sunscreen performance, self-cleaning , corrosion-resistant , flame retardant, long life and other excellent physical and chemical properties of the following specific points :

an improved surface characteristics of traditional coating materials , with excellent

1. anti-pollution ability to maintain long-term clean ;

2. excellent weather resistance , longer service life ;

3. enhance the resistance to chemical corrosion ;

4. with anti -UV, anti- oxidation ;

5. a flame retardant , fire safety ;

6. excellent tensile, tear , peel characteristics.

7. better wear resistance , can be used repeatedly , and cost savings.

Wide range of uses :

Canvas tarp covering goods mainly for the pier , covered outdoor products factory , building waterproof , sun visor , storage waterproof cover goods , advertising, sports equipment , entertainment facilities for the production of truck tarpaulin, tent materials, inflatable materials , shade material and so on.

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