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Canvas tarpaulins

Issue Time:2017-02-21
Canvas tarpaulins are essential for conditions which require protection against wind or absorption of paint. The grommet rings, material and stitching are hand made so you are assured high quality but the distance of grommets may vary approximately every 2 ft. around the perimeter. Our white canvas tarpaulins are great for all outdoor use as well as painter's tarpaulins and painting artwork. Brown canvas is great for blending in a natural environment as well as our green canvas tarpaulins.

Canvas has a very simple weave: the weft thread just goes over one warp thread and under the next. (The weft thread for twill goes over one and under two and each weft thread moves the pattern over one thread. The result is a diagonal pattern such as can be observed in the cloth use for blue jeans.) 

Canvas comes in two basic types: plain and Duck. The threads in Duck canvas are more tightly woven. Our canvas tarpaulins are duck canvas. Water resistance is possible with canvas tarpaulins if they are canvas tarpaulins oil base treated. The oil canvas 
tarpaulins help repel liquid. The oiled canvas helps fill in the cotton canvas threading

In the USA canvas is graded two ways: by weight (ounces per square yard) and by number. The numbers run in reverse of the weight; so, number 10 canvas is lighter than number 4. The more modern poly tarpaulin is more common these days but there are many applications that are only used for good old canvas tarpaulins.

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