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PE waterproof tarpaulin and striped fabric properties

Issue Time:2017-02-23
PE waterproof tarpaulin and striped fabric properties

1, PE tarpaulin is a tarpaulin, using new materials (polyethylene) into production, production of double coated, waterproof and durable more commonly used in the room; open cover product, service life longer than the color of the cloth, more folding wear, bright color, usually blue and orange, blue and white, blue and silver, double blue color. 

PE tarpaulin useful life of 2 years, PE tarpaulin can according to customer specifications for processing into different dimensions, such as: 10 meters *20 meters, 20 meters *30 meters, 20 meters *50 meters, the general paper products factory, dock, coal, power plant will choose to use PE tarpaulin, waterproof, durable, quality characteristics lightweight, easy to use.

2, color of the cloth is a plastic tarp, the color of the cloth of polypropylene production. The common name and call it: the old material color cloth (Ju Bingxi). The color is slightly dark, poor flexibility, but the performance to price ratio is high, is suitable for temporary use. The use of time is short, generally 2 months -6 months, there are a lot of striped fabric color, generally divided two-color cloth and multi color cloth, double color is a color and white, such as purple white, blue and white color of the cloth, red white and blue striped cloth etc.. Color of the cloth size is fixed, customers can buy at a fixed size, not according to the size order, the general size: 4*50 m, 6*30 m, 8*20 m, 10*20 M

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