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The secret of extending the life of the truck tarpaulin

Issue Time:2017-03-03

As the vehicle grows, the truck tarpaulin gradually becomes important. Now we can see the presence of truck tents everywhere. It can be rain-proof and sun resistant so that to protect the truck. So when we use it, what should we pay attention to? What can we do to help extend the life of our tarpaulins for truck covers. Please see below.

When we use the tarpaulin to cover the truck, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. First, we should ensure that the height of the tarpaulin on both sides of the vehicle is the same and car number are exposed.

2.Note that tarpaulin is only applicable to open car. One tarpaulin for one car.

3. Tarpaulin is flat, no goods are exposed. From the top of the ridge, both sides of the wrapping angle are closed; smooth lines on both sides. The size of each part does not exceed the limit.

4. The length of the tarpaulin cover is not more than 500 mm. If the hand brake disc is exposed, it will not affect the use of the brake disc and lift the hook.

5. Tighten with a consolidation rope to the right position, not loose. The knot rope tied to the T-shaped iron looks like a butterfly's wings. The tail length of the rope comes from 100 mm to 300 mm

I believe that these tips can help you,

If you just find these tips, then use it quickly! Come on!

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