Structure and characteristics of military tents

Issue Time:2017-03-08
Ningbo Topbon Tarpaulin Trade  Co., Ltd. offers a variety of affordable, high-quality waterproof / fire retardant products: PVC coated fabric ; wax cloth; military silicone cloth; of long-term supply of domestic / import special cloth membrane structure and other materials. With advanced equipment and sophisticated processing technology combined with a strict management system, and strive to do better and more satisfied. Now share with you today about the structure and characteristics of military tent:

Performance: also known as cotton tents, military tents, construction tents, tents and other civilian, it belongs to is one of the tent, the army general-purpose tents products.

Usage: for field trips, camping, exploration, construction, disaster relief, flood the field when the long / short-term residence use.

performance of the structure: (1) tent size: 4 * 4.5, * 4.6,6 * 4.6,7.5 * 4.8,10 * 4.8. 25,30 square tube bracket for the painting, tube thickness as a standard 1.2MM, square tube structure is relatively stable. (Side height 1.8 m, the top three meters high, can support bunk beds) reasonable (2) tent structure, safe and reliable, which can withstand the eight winds and 6 cm thick snow loads. (3) the use of steel structure tent, simple structure, easy to show income, about 25 minutes / 4 erection or dismantling (products with installation instructions, a look that will). (4) tent (cloth + steel of 4 or 5), all the parts assembled all the cloth, regular shape, easy remote vehicle or human short-distance transport. (5) with dark green canvas tent throughout and Oxford cloth (cool), intermediate use blankets, lined white, working in military tents as the standard. With gauze windows with anti-mosquito, ventilation and other functions. Windows with plexiglass panels, summer may wind lighting, daylighting insulation in winter can be. 

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