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Qualities of a Blue Poly Tarp

Issue Time:2017-04-21
Blue poly tarps may be economy grade, but when used appropriately, you will be able to use them for a long time. The typical weave count of a blue poly tarp is 8 x 8, but here at Topbon Tarpaulin, we offer ones with an 8 x 10 weave. A higher mesh count means a denser material. This means you get better quality from our blue poly tarps. 
This tarp is waterproof. It is UV treated so its service life is extended. Whether it’s exposed to the rain or sun, the items covered by this blue poly tarp are protected from damaging agents brought by different weather conditions. Blue poly tarps can be used during winter with their ability to remain flexible even under extremely cold weather conditions. Mildew and mold will not form on our blue poly tarps. They can also resist the destructive abilities of acids. With all these amazing qualities combined.
Some of the great features of a blue poly tarp are found on its sides. The grommets placed every three feet allow you to secure the tarp using a rope or cord. With rope reinforced hems and interwoven core, the blue poly tarp will not wear and tear easily.

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