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Do you know how to distinguish the quality of tents?

Issue Time:2017-05-03
Do you know how to distinguish the quality of tents? We want to buy a good quality tents, which requires a certain method of skills, or to see our advice to everyone, it will give you help.

We all know that a penny of goods, so the price is a very obvious factor, but also can not competely rely on the price to judge the quality of tarpaulin . Because the price is only on the one hand, practicality is on the one hand.
There is a very important standard is the density of latitude and longitude, the higher the density, then the better the strength, that is, the better the quality. In is to look at the appearance, the surface is more rough, the lower the quality, so if you took a tarpaulin, first look at the roughness, and then you can try to hand the soft degree, from the material to see the quality is a very A reference method. Of course, if coupled with the price of this factor, I believe you can choose their own needs,
Finally, we would like to remind you that at the time of purchase, tarpaulin can be used to test the water, a good tarpaulin products in the hand rub and then pour the water to see if it is missing, if the poor quality tarpaulin It will be a problem.
Read the above description is not on the distinction between the tents of the quality of tents have a better grasp?

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