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What happens when the tarp becomes moldy in the storage process?

Issue Time:2017-05-10

When we store tarpaulin, due to improper storage, or other factors, often appear moldy or discoloration , this situation is affecting our next use. So, how can we do when this happens.These are my small recipe:

  First of all, we encounter this situation, you need to go first to understand the reason for the mold, so as to be a cure. As the mold like wet and dark, warm environment, which can be a lot of reproduction. The fungus will pass through the fabric, between the fabric and the coating, and then destroy the fabric.

When we clear the mold, we can use a cup of salt, a cup of concentrated lemon juice and a gallon of hot water mixed together, the solution gradually rubbed to see the mold next to the point, after drying will find a clean effect.

  In order to avoid mold growth, so that tarpaulin can be supported by the bill, should use warm soapy water and sponge to clean it. Let the sponge stained with hot water and a specific solution, the account scrub and let the solution stay in the fabric above, dry can be.

 In the light of light-colored tarpaulin, we can use white paper covered in the top of the pear, after tearing in the sun, but also to prevent discoloration.

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