Fireproof tarpaulin to ensure the safety in the goods in transit

Issue Time:2017-07-14
Fireproof tarpaulin as its name implies is a tarpaulin with fire protection functions,Fireproof tarpaulin to ensure the safety in the goods in transit.those can be delayed  goods and precision instruments to burning explosion,So, the product in some chemical industry to use more, Let me introduce the characteristics of the fireproof tarpaulin for everyone.The use of fireproof tarpaulin can well protect the object from the heat and spark zone,And totally block combustion isolation and isolation combustion.Because the cover tarpaulin has heat insulation function itself,it can delay burning explosion time,Hence have found and rescue time,Cover tarpaulin used for inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and precision instruments and equipment of the safety in production, storage and transportation.When using this product, we should completely cover of dangerous goods and precise instrument, make its can reduce combustion and explosion caused the Mars.

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