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Maintenance of waterproof tarpaulins need to pay attention to some details

Issue Time:2017-07-27

Generally we used waterproof tarpaulins in bad environment,So, have a lot of damage for waterproof tarpaulins,In order to make the tarpaulins delay life,So, in the maintenance of the product, we need to pay attention to what issues?

1:Keep the parts in after using tarpaulin,To avoid missing,

2:Storage of waterproof tarpaulins to avoid sharp objects.

3:Put out to take a closer look at the directions, as well as the matters needing attention, the installation and location are carefully the details of the inspection.

4: Waterproof tarpaulins in the moldy phenomenon would destroy the tent waterproof and moldy condition, should use sponge brush to clean agent mildew spot, dry.WWW.CNTARPAULIN.COM

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