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Wholesale waterproof canvas from china

Issue Time:2017-08-24

1. If you want to use as a rail yard tarp that covers road transport of goods, warehousing, open storage and other places, you can choose PVC coated fabric, waterproof performance of the product is good, relatively light , high strength tensile strength; 2, if your goods are mine or some sharp goods, you can choose wax canvas, the product wear durability; 3, if your goods are not very expensive, then in order to save your money, you can choose PE tarpaulin, the product lightweight, waterproof performance in general, should not be reused; 4, if your goods for waterproof performance requirements are not very high, you can also choose silicone cloth, waterproof performance of the product, although not as good as PVC coated fabric but wearable and durable.

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