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storage shade tarps covers

Issue Time:2017-08-28

This product has a waterproof, mildew, cold, anti-aging, anti-static properties; and the product breaking strength, tear elongation, tear strength is much better than the traditional tarp; special surface treatment for anti-slip effect, is an international popular green waterproof cloth,tarpaulin, length and width can be customized according to the customer, and the width of the King, can reduce the processing patchwork improve the quality of the finished product, available sealing stitching, sewing dismissed pinhole leaks in fear. And can be customized according to user needs different functions, different colors, different thickness products.

     First, the characteristics and performance indicators

     1. Tensile Strength Index:

     After the intensity ≥2100N / 5CM

     Zonal intensity ≥1600N / 5CM

     2. Do not leak water, water pressure resistance value ≥2000MM water column

     3. The ability of hypothermia, cold temperature of -30 ℃

     4 to mold, mildew experiment a.

     Second, the product uses

     1. do all kinds of farms shutter, farms, cattle farms, poultry farms, etc.

     2. harbor airport terminal station can be used for open-air dumps were covered with warehouses.

     3. You can set up a temporary open-air barn and covered with various crops

     4. can be used for electric power construction site and other sites set up temporary sheds, temporary storage of materials.

     5. available for cars, trains, ships, cargo freight tarp

     6. Available packaging machinery packaging machinery.

     Third, the product features and use Precautions

     1. waterproof, anti-mildew function, and has a light material, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, washing folding and convenient.

     2. The product should be avoided during use with sharp metal fast mouth impact.

     3. Product use if damaged, liquid adhesive patch is available.

     4. Product quality assurance and good service for users.

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