How to coating waterproof on the canvas

Issue Time:2017-09-08

① aluminum soap water method. This is a traditional waterproofing methods. First fabric treated by soap, drying and then processed by aluminum acetate solution precipitated aluminum soap on the cloth. This method has a waterproof effect, but not lasting, after washing peeling. Such as stearic acid, paraffin, aluminum sulfate, etc. made water repellent, since the processing solution is acidic, large tarp damage, while the tarpaulin color prone to discoloration, poor waterproofing effect.

② quaternary ammonium water repellent treatment method. Most 6gB waterproofing agent such fatty alcohols or fatty acid amide with formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid and adjoin steep action together. Products containing formaldehyde and adjoin bite, environmental protection regulations ban supplies. Such water repellent waterproof better.

③ waterproofing agent Ac treatment method. Such waterproofing agent is chromium chloride, aluminum chloride stearate Rong compound. Waterproof effect, long service life, feel good, good air permeability, low processing costs. However, industrial wastewater containing chromium pollution of the environment.

④ paint wax waterproofing method. After this waterproofing, waterproof, long service life, is one of the methods currently widely used. However, this method after treatment tarp poor ventilation, by major, poor adaptability to climate.

⑤ CSM water treatment method. Waterproof water repellent effect of such a good, long life waterproof, wide adaptability to climate. However, the high cost of the waterproofing agent, tarpaulin discomfort of gas, resulting in xylene, pollute the environment during processing.

⑥ resin derivative waterproofing agent treatment method. Such waterproofing agent is a fatty acid, fatty alcohols, ether-based resin and wax by methylation mixture (water repellent view). Its waterproof effect is good, life in general, the more complex process. However, due by methylation resin containing formaldehyde, has been listed as disabled.

⑦ silicone water repellent treatment method. Such is usually hydrogen silicone waterproofing agent or a mixture of dimethyl siloxane or poly of the above two. Tarpaulin waterproof silicone water repellent treatment effect is good, feel good, long life, good ventilation, and good climate adaptability, is currently the most advanced treatment methods. However, this waterproof fabric tissue processing method for high specifications (warp and weft density requirements are very close), and other equipment needed for baking during processing. Silicone waterproofing no environmental pollution.

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