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When using PE tarpaulin making tents which ones we should be avoided?

Issue Time:2017-09-13

Because PE tarpaulin used in our life is very extensive, so for some different areas and different types of tarpaulins in the use and maintenance convenience, should have a different way we basically is the most common type of tarpaulin products into the tent, so for the different products protection methods are also different.
Tarpaulins play an important role in our life, so how do we store daily tarpaulins to reduce the damage for tarpaulin?Storage conditions: storage places ventilation, ventilation, light, clean, day adhere to the air circulation, rainy days should shut the doors and Windows, to ensure that items dry, avoid to be affected with damp be affected with damp.Storage is divided into: pending area, each area, and defective product area.Items stacked up and down to do the "little big, light under heavy".Storage should abide by three principles: fire prevention, waterproof, prevent pressure;Time and fixed quantity;First in first out.Goods in the warehouse storage at room temperature environment.Easy be affected with damp be affected with damp items, banned direct put on the ground, should be put on the shelf or plate cut off.Now the most common form of double pole tent, lever in pitched tents, preferably two lever set up at the same time;When you receive a tent to tent in the sand, sundry pour clean;It is very important to plunge into a tent when choosing a campsite, try not to have too many sharp objects on the floor;Try not to in tents in the cooking;In order to protect the tent, but under the tent to lay on a piece of cloth;Account under the nail, it is best to the tent of two diagonal, then the other two diagonal.It was a bit flat, tightly packed tent.
For tent when set up the tents of the products, should also pay attention to all the ropes of the connection between the inside and outside the tent, and should pull the rope wind, will have a tent transom window opens, tarpaulin products have tents and curtain rod and some other products at the time of use have some protection measures, need your attention.

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