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What is the PE tarpaulin?

Issue Time:2017-09-25

PE: polyethylene tarpaulin PE resin is non-toxic tasteless white granular or powder, white appearance, feel is wax;Flammable, oxygen index is only 17.4%, low smoke when burning and dripping, flame under the yellow blue, scents of paraffin;Bibulous rate is low (polyethylene PE polyethylene PE molecule contains a small amount of double bond and ether, so the weather is bad, PE and causes aging, need to add antioxidants, light stabilizer to improve.Polyethylene PE in inert gas thermal stability is good, decomposition temperature can reach 300 ℃ above;But in the condition of heating temperature exceeds 50 ℃ hot oxygen can cause the degradation reaction, so you need to add antioxidants to improve, such as the main antioxidant 1010 and auxiliary antioxidant 168;PE tarpaulin in heat resistance is not good in the air, with the increase of molecular weight and crystallinity improves;But PE has a good low temperature resistance, its low temperature brittle temperature under - 50 ℃, and with the increase of molecular weight minimum can reach to 140 ℃;High thermal conductivity of PE, HDPE > LLDPE > LDPE;PE linear expansion coefficient is big, is larger in the plastic varieties, up to 20 ~ (24) x 10-5-5 K - 1-1, LDPE > LLDPE > HDPE.___________ low density polyethylene LLDPE and ldpe LLDPE: low density polyethylene molecular chain length has branched, lower crystallinity, molecular weight in 5 ~ 500000, a milky white translucent wax-like solid resin, non-toxic, low softening point, good flexibility, impact resistance, good low temperature resistance, can work under 60 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, excellent electrical insulation.LDPE low mechanical strength, thermal stability is not high, the environmental stress cracking resistance, adhesive, printing is bad, need after surface treatment to improve its performance.LDPE absorbent is very low, almost no water absorption, chemical stability is good, such as acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent is relatively stable.On carbon dioxide, organic gas permeability is big, but for steam, air permeability is poor.Easy burning, burning smell of paraffin, the sun and heat, easy to aging degradation and discoloration.3. High density polyethylene (HDPE, high density polyethylene HDPE: white translucent waxy solid, HDPE branched chain is minimized, molecules tightly stack, so the density is big, high crystallinity.HDPE has higher heat resistance, oil resistance, vapor permeability and resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, electrical insulation, impact resistance and cold resistance is very good.Strength and aging performance is better than that of PP, HDPE in working temperature is higher than PVC tarps, LDPE.HDPE tiny water imbibition, non-toxic, excellent chemical stability, small thin film on the permeability of water vapor and air.

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