Maintenance method of waterproof tarp

Issue Time:2018-07-09

Waterproof tarp is very common now. Many people don't know that it needs to be maintained. So what is the proper maintenance of the tarp? Below by the tarp factory for you to answer waterproof tarp maintenance methods.

1.When storing the rainproof tarp, do not be close to the sharp things, so as not to be cut, affect the use.

2.Waterproof tarpaulins in place after a period of time, the sun is about to take out, in case there are bacteria present, after the end of outdoor travel, remember to put the tent up dry, if automatic tent is a little dirty, gently scrub with cold water is ok! Do not use chemical wash agent, or brush with force, can destroy the waterproof film of cloth surface layer so, reduce the waterproof effect of waterproof tarp.

3.If you want to install it, you need to read the instructions of the cover carefully. The installation orientation and installation position should be clearly seen.

4.After using waterproof tarpaulin, must sum up all the parts and put them in order, in order to avoid looking for later when laborious, form a good habit.

5.Waterproof tarpaulin moldy can destroy the water resistance of the tent, in case of moldy situation, use sponge to dip a bit of detergent gently brush off mildew spot, then dry it.

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