Features and USES of the Tarpaulin

Issue Time:2018/08/20

Tarpaulin is usually divided into two categories: thick and thin.Thick tarpaulins, also known as tarpaulins, are strong and resistant to folding and are waterproof. They are often used for covering goods in car or train transport, and for stacking goods in open storage.In addition, we often see the tents of camping in the wild, also made of cover cloth, it is strong tensile, water and watertight, can withstand low temperature, is a good material for making tents.The thin tarpaulin and weft yarn is used to make labor protection clothing and other supplies.After being dyed, the thin tarpaulin can also be used as fabric for shoes, backpacks, travel bags and so on.Besides the tarpaulins mentioned above, there were also the tarpaulins for rubber, fire tarpaulins, shielding tarpaulins for radiation, and for paper machines.In terms of the use of the tarpaulin, it can also be divided into waterproof tarpaulin, plastic tarpaulin, PE tarpaulin, pp tarpaulin and so on.

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