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The Use Of a Tent In Life

Issue Time:2018-09-07

The tarpaulin is closely related to our daily life, and it is often used. As a thick cotton fabric or linen fabric, it has a certain characteristics of preventing wind and protecting the sun. It is also widely used in daily life. Sometimes the cover is used as material to build simple houses.
According to the different work can be divided into fine surface tarpaulin and rough surface tarpaulin, of course, different classification will have a certain difference in use.The fine cover cloth is very common in daily life. It is often used to make clothing and living articles. For example, some labor protection clothes are used.Rough tarpaulin is a bit rough compared to the fabric of the small tarpaulin, which is firm and resistant to folding and has good waterproof performance.The mat has many advantages and is very suitable for life.

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